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Private Mortgage Note Buyers guidelines to Sell Mortgage

You are ready to sell mortgage note if you do not want to worry about collecting payments, default and foreclosure, payer bankruptcy, divorce or death of the payer, property destruction or abandonment, and fire insurance. If you prefer lump sum cash now, we have the experience and expertise as private mortgage note buyers to find a solution that best suits your needs.

The Process to Sell Mortgage Note

  1. Receive a no obligation Quote
  2. Accept our Offer
  3. Submit  a Copy of  Private Mortgage Note and Copy of Deed or Land Contract or Mortgage (state specific)
  4. We (Note Buyers) perform asset/collateral verification (confirm note's LTV, borrower credit & estimated property value)
  5. Upon asset pre-confirmation, note seller submits the following documents for underwriting:
  • Proof of Payments Record (bank statements, cancelled checks, etc)
  • Proof  of Homeowners/Fire Insurance (with agent name, number, and policy number)
  • Tenant Rental Agreement and Rental Amounts (if rental or commercial property)
  • Pictures of Property (optional)
  • Escrow Instructions from Origination of Loan
  • Title Insurance Policy
  • Copy of UCC1 Financing Statement (for commercial notes only)
  • Copy of 3rd-Party Loan Servicing Agreement (if applicable)
  1. Note seller reviews, signs and returns the private mortgage note purchase agreement and seller checklist
  2. We order, pay and approve aBPOor Appraisal (Note seller is not responsible for any closing costs)
  3. We order, pay and approve a title search (Note Buyers are responsible for all closing costs)
  4. We schedule closing time and date to accomplish your goal to sell mortgage
  5. Receive Check or Wire Transfer

Our experience and expertise as Private Mortgage Note Buyers will help streamline the process for you to sell mortgage note while realizing your immediate cash needs and fulfilling your long term financial goals.


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