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About Us

Note Country specializes as a private mortgage note and business note buyer. We purchase notes secured by the following property types:

Single family house Townhouse/Condo 1-4 multifamily units Mobile Home
Office Industrial Retail Apartment (5+ multifamily units)
Vacant Land
Less than or equal to 40 acres of developed land with water and power utilities on the property or up to the property line.

After evaluating each mortgage note/ business note on a case by case basis, our underwriters determine its best value based on a myriad of important factors:

  • The equity in the property (including down payment and seasoning) as a percent of the property value
  • Credit rating of the buyer
  • Type of property — notes secured by single-family houses can demand a higher quote than notes on commercial buildings, mobile homes, or vacant land
  • Amortization terms
  • Interest rate on the mortgage note/business note
  • Location of the property.
  • 1st lien notes are considered more valuable than 2nd lien notes due to a higher risk associated with the latter.

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