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06/2-13 at 19.48 Author: Bhavna Jhaveri

When the buyer is unable to secure conventional financial and the seller is willing to carry back a portion of the sales price of a property, a private mortgage note ...

Category: 2013

01/2-13 at 13.46 Author: Bhavna Jhaveri

If a home owner falls behind in mortgage payments, the lender initiates the foreclosure process. The foreclosure usually begins three to four months after the first payment is missed. The ...

Category: 2013

01/2-13 at 10.35 Author: Shaun Spellman

Do you have an upside down mortgage? If so, then in this type of mortgage you may not have anything to offer to the investors. In this situation, the ...

Category: 2013

03/1-13 at 14.10 Author: Bhavna Jhaveri

Like any other investment, a mortgage note involves a certain degree of risk that could affect its value. Based on the intensity of risk and some other factors, ...

Category: 2012

19/12-12 at 13.38 Author: Bhavna Jhaveri

A mortgage note is a promissory note that holds the borrower responsible for repayment of debt and its associated interest in a timely manner. It is a very powerful document ...

Category: 2012


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